RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

RSS3 Social Notifier - A MetaMask Snap by RSS3


About RSS3 Social Notifier#

The RSS3 Social Notifier ( is the first social Snap allowing MetaMask users to connect all their on-chain social profiles (e.g. Lens, Farcaster) and sync existing social graphs. Users will get notified directly through MetaMask and stay tuned with their friends’ latest activities in a human-readable style.
RSS3 Social Notifier

Showcasing MetaMask as the Gateway to Diverse Web3 Interactions#

As the very first Snap to show the practicality of social modules within MetaMask, the RSS3 Social Notifier Snap extends MetaMask's functionality beyond transactions, positioning it as an all-encompassing portal for Web3 interactions. This Snap by RSS3 demonstrates the practicality of incorporating different application modules within MetaMask, opening up new avenues for user engagement within the Web3 space.

About RSS3#

RSS3 is the open information layer, structuring open information for the next Google, Twitter, and OpenAI. As the largest open social indexer, RSS3 enables interoperability across various open social protocols like Lens, Farcaster, Nostr, ActivityPub, and more.

About MetaMask Snap#

MetaMask Snaps allows users to add features and functionalities to their MetaMask wallet. Individual snaps are features created by third-party developers that MetaMask users can install directly into their wallet.

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